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What is Lyprinol® Sport?

A revolutionary natural anti-inflammatory is changing how endurance athletes train, recover and perform. Lyprinol® Sport helps athletes of all ages to achieve peak performance.

Lyprinol® Sport provides that “ little bit extra“ power that athletes need to excel during training and competition, and—as your about to discover—even in the most extreme record breaking endurance events.

Lyprinol® Sport performs to the max!

A top performing Athlete’s endurance depends on three specific factors…

  • First, their body’s ability to transport oxygen effectively or the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can use during competition. This is what exercise scientists call your “Vo2 Max.”
  • Second, their body needs to be able to buffer lactic acid. Again, exercises scientists measure your lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold as a specific exercise intensity where their body starts to accumulate lactic acid. If they can improve their lactate threshold, they can handle higher intensities of aerobic stress for longer periods of time.
  • Third, and most important of all they need to be able to recover. Athletes who recover faster can train harder, push their bodies farther, and perform at higher levels of competition.

These three specific factors—oxygen transport efficiency, lactate threshold, and recovery time—are the defined differences that separate amateur endurance athletes from professionals.

Lets concentrate on the most important factor—the ability to recover faster.

For years, athletes have searched for safe, effective, and legal supplements that can provide a competitive advantage in this area.

Deep onset muscle soreness and inflammation are desperate enemies of highly tuned athletes and to date most of them cannot find a suitable supplement to conquer these ailments.

That is…Until Now!

Introducing Lyprinol® Sport

Lyprinol® Sport is a natural marine-based lipid complex that contains New Zealand mussel oil extract—a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that is 100 times more potent than Fish Oil, and 200 times more potent than Flax oil—these two supplements Fish and Flax oil are what athletes have used for years to gain an advantage.

Is Lyprinol® Sport for Professional Athletes?

Yes, it is. Lyprinol® Sport is the first all-natural, safe, and legal supplement to meet those challenges. But now thee major supplement breakthrough goes further and offers better and safer results.

Extreme Endurance Athletes Uses Lyprinol® Sport

In February of this year, two extreme endurance athletes—Dr. Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell used Lyprinol® Sport to help complete a 500+ kilometre (313 mile) ultra-run across the Namib Desert—this effort is recognised as a world-first as it was the only time anyone had ever trekked over the world’s tallest sand dunes and through scorching heat all while completing runs of over 50km every day for over 10 days in the absolute driest area of the world.

Dr. Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell relied on Lyprinol® Sport to push their bodies to the limit every day for 10 straight days of running through the desert, using its proven anti-inflammatory power to decrease recovery time and increase performance.

During their record-breaking run, the all-natural lipid formulation in Lyprinol® Sport helped shorten recovery time by reducing muscle and joint inflammation.

Athletes have been waiting for years for a supplement strong enough, powerful enough and safe enough to stand up to the challenge of the Namib Desert. Dr. Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell proved that their bodies, fuelled with the help of Lyprinol® Sport were up for this record-breaking challenge.

Try Lyprinol Sport today and discover the power of decreased recovery time and improved performance.



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