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Free Fatty Acids are an essential component of the required nutrition of Top Endurance Athletes.

Fat is the energy reserve of the body. Free Fatty Acids have a number of additional functions which are especially important to Athletes. They contribute to cell renewal and cell transport fluidity. The right Free Fatty Acids can increase your performance during competition by reducing the inflammatory consequences when your body hits extreme levels of exertion.

For a proper diet make sure you only use liquid, unsaturated fats. The undesirable saturated fats can be recognised by being firm at room temperature. These fats are often hidden in convenience foods like Pizza and Potato crisps but also in some Margarine.

Beneficial fats, include fish oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and walnut oil. They contribute to your pool of essential omega-3 free fatty acids. We recommend that in addition, you supplement with Lyprinol®.



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